Jessica Yoo Biography

Chief Textile designer, Mi Hyeon Yoo, Jessica M.H Yoo was born and raised in Korea. She attended Hong Ik University, majoring in visual design. Since her early years of art education, she had been thoroughly interested in fiber/ fabric art. But what held her interest especially were traditional Korean crafts, Bojagi and Jogakbo. Since then, she has spent 15 years recreating and reinventing them into modernized designs.
In the recent 10 years, she lived in Vancouver. There, she was inspired by the life of nature- by the sunlight, sky, ocean, and forest that were readily available for her to experience. Thus natural subjects such as trees, flowers, butterflies, dragonflies and spider webs appear and breathe into her works.
In 2014, Mihyeon Yoo is introducing Korea’s traditional Jogakbo through the name Design Meem to diverse parts of the world.


meem is interested in collaborating with diverse fields of artists and designers to evolve the idea of assimilation with Jogakbo.


Vancouver, Canada. 2006.08.1~25. 'Korean Patchwork-JOGAKBO'

Kane An Biography

Kane H.I An has worked 24 years in Korea’s global advertising agency called Cheil Worldwide as a Executive Creative Director. In 2014, he has launched Design Meem with Jessica Yoo to position Korea’s traditional Jogakbo as a unique textile and decoration in interior design. He is now a Creative Director of Meem.